The Women Count Initiative recognizes and supports the needs of all professional women, helping bring them together to establish strong networks. It is designed to grow and change to reflect the needs of women in the community, from the career-force newcomers to the seasoned C-suite professional. What all of these women in different parts of the career spectrum share in common is a need for a strong network to support their individual, professional and financial goals.

Women Count is a unique and expanding program designed by the female leadership of LGC+D specifically for women in the greater Providence area. It was formed around a simple premise: to support women in business and in life; to eliminate the glass ceilings that prevent career advancement; to serve as a network of support, guidance and mentorship; and to help other women in and around our community.

Through such events as our annual Swing into Summer event, we work to embody this vision as we highlight and support local women in business, while providing a venue and guest list set to foster relationships and grow networks. In addition, Women Count is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs realize their business goals. Our suite of LeveragedSolutions includes:

  • Operations
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

The Women Count network exists to help you find the perfect position, build your career and your wealth, or provide you access to the outstanding variety of services you’ll need as you develop or grow your own business – all in one place. Its purpose is to create strong alliances that become your personal team of professionals, helping you achieve what you want in business and in life.

Become a part of the Women Count network and help shape it to meet your needs! To learn more or join, please contact Renee Aloisio at or 401.421.4800 ext. 349.

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